I’m a sucker for romantic visual novels, especially ones where the protagonist is a female. It’s even better when said game also has an interesting hook beyond dating some cute guys (or girls). In the case of Queen’s Crown, it’s all about politics and being groomed to be the future queen. This should be enough to instantly back, but I’m still on the fence about giving money to this campaign.

Queen's Crown

The pitch for Queen’s Crown is relatively solid, with enough plot and character description to at least get a feel for what to expect, but it is still lacking in some areas. The most notable missing piece of information is the almost mandatory “about us” section. This is especially true for a relative unknown in the industry. I rarely read this section, but it’s nice to know who’s all working on a game.

Queen's Crown

Thankfully, there is a demo available for Queen’s Crown, so it might be worth checking out. I know that I’ll be trying out the five week slice of the game before making my final decision. Outside of the traditional visual novel fare, it sounds like they’ll be adding some extra fun to the game. Apparently, there’s a stat system that affects how well you govern your kingdom, something that I find intriguing.

Queen's Crown

In all, Queen’s Crown looks like it’ll be a good addition to any visual novel fan’s collection, but it would have been nice to know more about those working on this game. Still, if the demo plays well it might be worth backing just on the premise alone.

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