Game developer Robotic Potato is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for their feline twin-stick shooter, Spacecats in Space!. Set in—you guessed it—space, you play as Crown Princess Angelina “Angel” Contessa III, the leader of a catty rebellion against a “tyrannical canine empire.”


This solo and two-player co-op game will feature tons of galactic warfare as you shoot all of ‘em baddies in your mean looking ships (see below). Perhaps your war machine of choice will be the “destructive” Tabby “FAT-CAT” Strategic Bomber, or maybe you’ll prefer the sturdier CAT1-Heavy Fighter, “[trading] speed and maneuverability for heavy shields, heavy armor and heavy weapons.” And if you get sick of all the gunning and running—well, flying, I guess, —you can “call in strategic bomber strikes to obliterate your enemies.”


Spacecats in Space! is one-sixth of the way finished, and the team is turning to Kickstarter after having used up all of their funds whilst “developing the technology, getting the team together, and building a fan-base.” They plan to use the $75K from their campaign to put together a variety of “levels, weapons, enemies, bosses and cut-scenes”—which will be fully-voiced—and to polish off what’s already in the works.


They understand that $75K is a substantial amount of money to ask for, but they aren’t taking that sum lightly. The team itself is mostly comprised of self-professed newbs to the game industry, but they’ve, “spent a combined 30+ years delivering solid results in sectors like advertising, business, and science.” They promise that if they reach their goal, “they’ll marshal [their] every resource and follow best practices in order to deliver the best game about SpaceCats shooting SpaceDogs you have ever seen.”

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