It’s impressive to happen upon a crowdfunding campaign that skips all the ambiguity of, “will this game ever get finished” and jumps right into the good stuff. Well Bred Rhino’s Last Stitch Goodnight already looked like a solid title, but now it will get some extra polish. With the game mechanics and primary story already completed, all funding will go towards adding glitter and jazz-hands on top of an already exciting cake.

“All money raised goes directly back into the game. Funding things that take it from being just a game to a full blown experience,” Creator Ben Cook said in the Kickstarter video. It’s worth noting that Cook is pretty much a one man team outside of the occasional collaborator.


His credits on Last Stitch Goodnight include everything from design, to art and coding. Despite such an impressive resume, he wanted to get some extra help bringing the game to life. “While I can draw and I can code, there’s some things I can’t do, like make music,” Cook said. The campaign goal (a modest $1,100) was intended to bring musicians Fat Bard onto the project to create a unique soundtrack for Last Stitch Goodnight.

Since the campaign quickly surpassed the initial goal, now Cook can work towards adding even more side-quests and improvements to the game.


Last Stitch Goodnight is a side scrolling action adventure. The story begins with the player surviving a near death experience and then promptly being kidnapped. As it turns out they fit the perfect criteria to take part in a mad doctor’s newest science experiment. Gameplay centers around escaping the doctor’s giant death trap mansion while uncovering hidden secrets and science gone bad.

There is still plenty of time to check out Last Stitch’s Steam or Kickstarter pages and back the game before the end of the campaign on September 20th. The game is currently planned for an April 2017 release.

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