I’ll admit that I have never played a Silent Hill game. Even if I had, I wouldn’t touch Silent Hill: Resurrections. The entire Kickstarter pitch is a joke, a campaign that nobody should take seriously. I’m honestly surprised that there are pledges at all. Unless they’re there solely to troll the poor guy. There are bad pitches and there are lazy pitches. This one falls squarely into both categories.

Silent Hill: Resurrections

Even if one doesn’t take into account the literal nothingness of Silent Hill: Resurrections, the grammar alone should be enough to pass on this one. If you can’t be bothered to use at least a spellchecker you shouldn’t be pitching an idea at all. In addition to the lack of, well, anything, we also have the potential lawsuit from Konami. That there’s no mention of him reaching out to the company is a major red flag.

Silent Hill: Resurrections

Silent Hill: Resurrections is truly a nightmare experience. Not because it looks scary, but because of all the problems with the pitch. The complete lack of professionalism in every area is a sure sign that the project creator is lazy at best and a scammer at worst. Either way, this one is not going to get funded. Unless either Konami or Kickstarter decides to suspend and take it down, it will fall far from the mark.

Honestly, the only reason that someone would even consider backing Silent Hill: Resurrections is to heckle and troll the project. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this one taken down as quickly as it went up.

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