The Indiegogo page boasts one of the most well-thought out battle systems I’ve seen but, the campaign for The Donnerwald Experiment still manages to leave out important details. The game’s narrative barely gets a mention while all the combat mechanics are lovingly outlined. This makes it hard to fully get behind this project, even though its demo is solid. There just isn’t enough to go on. 

The Donnerwald demo walks us through a brief portion of gameplay. Primarily demonstrating the turn-based combat with added action commands. We do also meet some cute characters. Like, seriously cute (there is a bunny rabbit with healing powers).

Playing as a chipper young mechanic named Johanna, I mysteriously woke up in a forest full of talking animals and other creatures. Typical end to a long weekend, really. There are hints of an intersection of magic and technology that make this world possible, but as this was just a demo we don’t get to delve too far into it.

Despite having a personal tour guide in the form of a charismatic mole, neither the demo nor campaign page give much insight into the titular Donnerwald Experiment. I understand wanting to leave some mysteries for the final game. But it helps to at least tease their existence beforehand. Especially since everything else about The Donnerwald Experiment has my interest.

Watch me play the demo above or, conversely, check out the campaign and play it for yourself. The developer is hoping to raise €10,000, but the goal is flexible so every little bit will help.

Joanna Mueller

Joanna Mueller

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Joanna Mueller


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