While scrolling through the ever-growing list of games on Kickstarter, I found one in particular that caught my eye. Inspired by Megaman Battle Network, Hearthstone and Street Fighter, Tri Wing is a game being developed for PC and mobile. Vincent Veak is the one man team behind Tri Wing, and at this point in time, he has raised $1,530/$3,000. With 13 days remaining in the campaign and being over halfway there, Vincent still has a chance of getting this funded.

The New Grid Based Card Game Tri Wing Looks Interesting

So, what is Tri Wing? It’s an online real-time action and grid based card game where the player controls a mech. You must try to take down your opponents with you mech, known as a “Tri Wing”. The cards you equip during the game determine your Tri Wings abilities. Throughout the game, you must manage your cards, health, and fuel. Fuel is equivalent to your resource points. You can gain more by discarding a card and spend more by taking cards out of your inventory.

The New Grid Based Card Game Tri Wing Looks Interesting

You start on a 3×6 grid, where each player owns a 3×3 block on it. As the match progresses, you may steal, break, or lose tiles on the grid. Proper positioning, as well as tactics will be crucial for success.

Tri Wing looks very interesting to say the least. As I watch the gameplay, I feel like it looks a bit complicated. That may be due to the fact that I’ve never physically played the game. If the card system is easy to manage and the gameplay is smooth, I think Vincent will have a lot to work with for the future. The potential is great, especially if it can eventually do cross-platform play with PC and mobile, similar to Hearthstone.  Clearly there is a fanbase for the Battle Network playstyle and hopefully they all hop aboard the Tri Wing train and help make it happen!

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