Ocean of The Lost is a multiplayer naval combat game now on Kickstarter, set in the Caribbean. Currently offered in its early form, dubbed the “battle version”, it hopes to develop further into an MMO.

Aside from team-based combat, the final version of Ocean of the Lost will include an open world. Players will be able to explore multiple ports and complete missions for resources to upgrade their vessels over the course of the campaign. Madrid-based developers Higgs Boson cite influences including World of Warships and Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. Ocean of the Lost

Stuck At Sea

Unfortunately for sea battle enthusiasts, the campaign so far has yet to receive much wind in its sails. Of the €45,000 goal, they have only seen a mere €31 at time of writing. Their vision of a fully functional social open-world game is definitely ambitious. Whether backers are skeptical, or its overall appeal is too niche is hard to say.

The early combat-only version of the game is available to download for free right now. They hope to entice backers with some instant rewards in this version. These include some upgraded ships that will carry over to the final product.

Likely contributing to the funding problems, I was entirely unable to find a server to play on with this early version. A developer post on the help forums says it is being worked on. Maybe that will be what it takes to get the campaign moving, or maybe it’s (forgive me) dead in the water.

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