Adventure games have come a long way since the 90’s. With the advent of new technology, many now feature 3D graphics, full voice acting, and other gimmicks. But there’s just something about the old school style that today’s games just don’t match. That’s why The Last Goddess stands out.


The Last Goddess is a point-and-click adventure game with a pixelated art-style. Set in Tampa Bay, Florida, the game takes place in the near-future after a professor at Tampa Bay University discovers an ancient legend and, as one does when finding such things, promptly goes missing. Four unlikely heroes—a doctoral student of folklore, a government agent, and two graphic designers—band together to search for them.

Adventure Squad

Rather than playing as a single hero, you play as all four characters simultaneously. Each of them bring their own skills to the table. Together, they will utilize advanced technology to uncover shocking discoveries and find the missing professor.


But not too advanced. The campaign clarifies that characters in the games still use smartphones, but now things like virtual assistants and connected systems are far more advanced. They also envision a future Tampa Bay where mass transit is the norm.

The retro look is not just for nostalgia’s sake. The developers of The Last Goddess make a strong argument hat the pixelated art-style is appealing. It also shows you just enough so that you can understand what you’re looking at, but vague enough that your imagination fills in the holes. It allows you to paint your own picture of the world.


With the help of crowdfunding, the developers hope to release The Last Goddess sometime in March 2018. That seems like a realistic mark, especially considering there are no stretch goals. Unfortunately, there are no early bird specials for just the game itself. Indeed, the pledge goals seem pretty steep—but at least they aren’t offering anything too outrageous.

The Last Goddess seems like your standard retro adventure game, with a few interesting hooks. If that’s a particular itch for you, then head over to the Kickstarter and give the game a look.

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