Add another Kickstarter campaign to the list of projects that looked interesting until I played the demo. Little Legacy‘s campaign is chock full of ideas and mechanics that sound really fun, but aren’t actually present in the current build. This leaves the player with a vast world to bumble around in, but not much to actually do.

On the page, Little Legacy is a procedurally generated fantasy RPG with quirky visuals, intriguing magic, and clever crafting systems. With so much potential on display I felt that even a small demo sized slice of the world would be just as interesting to show off. Unfortunately, as you can see in the video this wasn’t really the case.

Squandered Potential

Things start off well enough, but as soon as you get your bearings in the nearly infinite gameworld you quickly realize there isn’t much to actually do there. The devs gave us a nice chunk of land and some fire spells to carve a path of destruction with, but none of the more interesting ideas from the campaign made the cut.

NPC’s deliver static one-liners and your only combatants are local roaming skeletons. Throwing around magic and collapsing houses is satisfying, but once your need for wanton destruction has been sated there’s not much to keep you around.

Watch me brush up on local horticulture in the video above or try out the demo yourself.

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