Say what you will about walking simulators, but they’re still a popular genre of gaming. I’ve enjoyed a few myself, even if the narratives can be lacking at times. However, not all titles just have you wander aimlessly looking at pretty visuals. Some can be pretty deep. One such title is launching on Fig very soon. Trackless, a text-based “ambient exploration game”… That’s basically what we know at this point.


Trackless does promise a more challenging experience than most of its kin. How it does so isn’t mentioned on the games’ website, but I’m sure the campaign will go into much more detail when it launches in mid-October, so we only have about a week to wait.

If you’d like to get notified when the Trackless Fig campaign launches, head over over here and sign up for the newsletter. In the meantime, check out the gameplay video. If nothing else, the graphics look interesting.

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