Have you ever wanted to play a card game, collect action figures, or play a fun adventure RPG on your mobile device or tablet? Have you ever wanted to do all three? Well, your dreams might soon become a reality. With Lightseekers, a new game by PlayFusion, you’ll be able to do all three of those things. This game is taking depth to a whole different level.

Basically, Lightseekers is a digital game for mobile devices and tablets. You can download it for free, select a character, and begin exploring the vast world around you. Throughout the game, you can equip abilities, learn combos, and unlock talents through several talent trees. However, the thing that really makes this game stand out is the integration with real-life items.


For example, if you bought a pack of Lightseekers trading cards at the store, you could play with friends at the kitchen table when you got home. Additionally, you could use the AR function to throw your cards into the game. Oh, you just got a cool new card? Why not open up the application and add it right onto your account? Even weapons you find in real-life card packs can be equipped to your virtual character. The weapon you equip can level up, store information, and be transferred to other characters!


The coolest aspect has to be the action figure integration. These figures connect directly to your game just by turning them on without any wires required whatsoever. Also, by equipping weapons to your figure, your virtual fighter gets the item as well. In addition to weapons, PlayFusion has even added flight packs for the action figures. Just snap one onto the figures back and watch a jet pack appear in game. This allows you to use your figure as a controller as you dash and dive through the skies.


Lightseekers looks pretty great, especially since they aren’t forcing you to buy anything. Everything you buy is just for personal preference and allows you to experience the game the way you want to. PlayFusion is more than halfway through to their $200,000 Kickstarter goal and has a few weeks left before the campaign closes. Lightseekers has a ton of potential and should have a strong closing for their campaign.

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