We’ve written about Bob’s Game in the past, an infamous “joke” Kickstarter campaign that raised over $10,409. Fully funded in May 2014, it’s success presumably horrified its creator, Bob. That would probably explain why he vanished without a trace for two years.

Finally reappearing in January 2016, “Bob” released an extensive update about the status of the game. It reads more like an elaborate prank now, but the post details where the developer was for so long, and his various levels of unhappiness with pieces of software.

The game would now be two games; Bob’s Game would be a puzzler while Bob’s RPG (now listed on Greenlight) would be a rocket propelled grenade he’d use on Kickstarter’s server farms. Sorry, no, it’d be a role-playing game.

After almost another year, Bob returned in late September to debut an alpha of the puzzle game. Surely this must be good after all that preamble, right?
bobsgamescreenshotIt’s Tetris. After all these years, after all the money Bob collected, it’s finally here. And it’s just Tetris. Declared “the second coming of Christ” by one backer, Bob’s $10,000 Game that took two years to develop… is Tetris.

At least the Potato Salad guy used the funds to write a cookbook. Will Bob’s RPG be such a magnum opus, or will it just be Final Fantasy II?

Josh Griffiths

Josh Griffiths

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