Tis the season for indie horror campaigns it seems. Potential backers are being inundated from every side by titles seeking support. As such, the Kickstarter campaign for Mr. Nitegore has its work cut out if it plans to make an impression.

Heavily inspired by the mechanics and ideas found in Five Nights At Freddy’s and Among the Sleep, players must help a young protagonist escape a house of horrors. Guided by a trusty teddy bear, the child must save their mother and escape before Mr. Nitegore, or any of his devious toys, can capture them.


Truthfully, it’s not the worst premise for an indie horror I’ve seen recently, but it doesn’t seem to have advanced much beyond the idea stage. Developer Bencin Studios writes that they have been working on Mr. Nitegore for nearly a year, but the Kickstarter trailer is surprisingly barren. The Developer’s YouTube channel has some better videos, but these were bizarrely omitted from the actual campaign, which is all most potential backers will ever see.

Spooky financials

Mr. Nitegore is seeking $75,000, but has very little to show for itself thus far outside of one of the most detailed cost breakdowns I’ve seen. According to the budget only one of the evil toy models has been purchased so far and seemingly no other features have been completed. This makes the game a risky gamble for just a decent idea and some passable concept art.

It’s possible that the idea just needs to be fleshed out and developed more, maybe even scaled back a bit. Currently however, Mr. Nitegore doesn’t pack enough of a punch to scare up the necessary funding.

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