It is my professional opinion that we have not written about Undertale enough on this website. Considered to be one of the greatest games of all-time, it was Kickstarted in 2013. Yet you’d think it didn’t exist if you’re a frequent reader of ours. Perhaps the reveal of a Kickstarter fan art book for Undertale will be our second chance.

Created by the charity organization Gamers for Good, Undertale is getting an art book composed entirely of fan art. It’s full of re-interpretations of now-classic characters and levels from skilled artists the world over in one neat package. As of now there are 900 submissions from over 450 artists.

undertalefanartbook01In addition to the art book, backers can also receive a fan soundtrack, composed of remixes and songs inspired by Undertale. On top of that, depending on what reward tiers you back, you’ll also get a T-shirt, stickers, or even a custom painting at one of the higher tiers.

Doing good for good

The best thing is that this is all for charity. Gamers for Good say they want this campaign to be “an opportunity for the Game Industry and Gamers to be an overwhelmingly positive and selfless force in service of others,” which sounds like an impossible task. However, the campaign has already raised over $12,000 of its $23,456 goal.

The goal of the project is to raise awareness of mental health issues. All of the proceeds of the book will go to three charities: Anxiety Gaming, Child’s Play, and Take This. You can read a brief summary of those organizations below.


This is a truly great project. Gamers for Good have done good work in the past, including another fan art book that was funded on Indiegogo. Mental health is a serious issue that doesn’t get the attention it needs, and is often viewed as a stigma. With the help of charities like this, gamers can help turn the tide, and give those with mental health issues the help they need, and turn the discussion around.

As for the book itself, it seems to be a must have for any fan of Undertale. It remains unknown yet if any Rule 34 will make its way into the book, but given the amount of Undertale hentai on the internet, it very well could be a possibility.


This was a nice article until that last part.

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