Game delays, particularly for crowdfunded projects, are pretty common. Despite this risk, backers are usually pretty good sports about delays. At least, as long as the developer is up-front about them and the final product warrants the extra time. I was expecting a release date for Friday the 13th the game. Instead, we got the delay update from Gun Media and Illfonic. After the initial disappoint wore off I’ve decided that what we got might actually be better.

Murderous AI death bots

On October 13th, Gun Media posted a Kickstarter update announcing that they would be adding a single player campaign with offline AI Bots to the game. Friday the 13th has always been about multiplayer. Players are able to take on the role of either the murderous Jason or one of the plucky young counselors he hunts. It’s going to be a blast, but as anyone who’s ever played, well anything, online knows, sometimes you just can’t get the right group together.

"Where is everyone?"

“Where is everyone?”

There’s nothing worse than being really pumped to play and completely unable to get a team together. (Look at all the issues Dead by Daylight has had with its matchmaking). Adding a single player mode makes up for this by allowing players to work through the game on their own terms, without the hassle of coordinating strangers.

"OMG, stop getting killed!"

“OMG, stop getting killed!”

It’s a smart move on the dev’s part, not only making Friday the 13th stand out from the competition, but also giving players another way to experience all the franchise accurate details littered throughout the game. Still the decision to delay the release was not an easy one.

Friday the 13th

Go ahead, tell him.

“We’ve been reading day in and day out on our social media feeds that single player and Tommy Jarvis were in such a demand that we couldn’t ignore our fans. After securing funding, we’re here to tell you that it is a reality and we’re making this game even bigger,” Gun Media studio head & co-creator Wes Keltner said.

“It sucks that there’s a delay, but the wait won’t be too long and it’s going to offer more for fans in the long-run!”

In addition to the single player, Friday the 13th is also getting returning movie protagonist, Tommy Jarvis in the game as well as a new Packanack Lodge playable map. It’s pretty exciting stuff, but it doesn’t come without a price.

Dying to try it out

With so much content being added, the release has been pushed back to Spring 2017. Backers are still being promised beta access later this Fall, but the rest of us will have to wait a bit longer. Also, the final price of the game will be higher.


The price of the digital release increased from $30 to $40. Physical copies will remain $60. Anyone who already backed or pre-ordered Friday the 13th receives the single player mode for free at release.

While there is some frustration from backers over the delay it has been relatively minor. The majority seem to be enthusiastically on-board with the changes. Even the extra cost for the digital copy isn’t that bad of a deal. Plus, single player is a great way to practice your survival skills between multiplayer matches.

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