You may remember the first person exploration game Sunset from Kickstarter a few years ago. You may also remember its developer, Tale of Tales. They announced that Sunset was a financial failure, and that they felt they had no choice but to walk away from the comercial gaming industry for good. Fast forward to Halloween 2016 of all days, and the company seems to have reversed their decision somewhat.

In a Kickstarter update for Sunset, Tale of Tales announced that they were in fact continuing game development. However, instead of making a new game, they’re instead going to remake their first game, Endless Forest, and they’re going to use Indiegogo to do it.


What’s Old Is New Again

Endless Forest, first released about a decade ago, is an MMO, but not in the traditional sense. Every player takes on the role of a deer, and instead of murdering everything you see, your goal is to instead… explore? The Indiegogo page for the remake states that players must interactive “creatively in a virtual forest filled with magical surprises.”

The campaign page goes into detail about how developer duo Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn want to remake the game in a new engine and implement new ideas. To do so, they need €40,000 or about $45,000. The money will be going towards keeping the lights on, as well as buying new development tools and even hiring consultants to help with development.

endlessforest02Endless Forest was, and will continue to be, a free game. But of course, there won’t be any more of this game if they can’t raise the funding. The Indiegogo page goes into way more (mostly abstract) details about what the game is like, and you can still play the original and try and wrap your head around it.

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