I’m usually not one to be excited about party games, whether tabletop or digital. With Soviet Humour, though, I find myself strangely attracted to the zaniness it offers. In a similar vein to card game Cards Against Humanity, this one lets you play with words to make some crazy combinations. Unlike that game, though, it’s also a play on censorship. The extra Russian flavor just adds to the charm.

Soviet Humour

The basic premise with Soviet Humour is you’re playing a censor as you take away three words from a newspaper headline. It’s up to the other players to take what’s left and make the funniest fake headline they can. The censor then picks the best one and the next round begins. That’s all they have in the pitch, but that’s all they need to show off. It’s as simple of a video game as they get.

Here’s the thing. Soviet Humour is pretty much playable in its current state. You can play a multiplayer demo for it right now, even. What the Kickstarter is for is music and artwork to add extra polish to the experience. With only a £2,000 asking goal, and already a quarter funded, I’m sure it’ll make it easily. Interestingly enough, there are only two reward tiers, one for a single copy of the game, and another for six. Of course, more or less can be purchased as add-ons.

Soviet Humour

As I mentioned, I’m not usually one for party games. Soviet Humour, however, has that gimmick of censorship and mad lib-like comedy that has me really wanting to give it a go. Now if I only had friends to play it with to try it out.

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