We usually like to pick a game for Game of the Week that really inspires us. Something totally unique, amazingly presented, or even something flawed, but still interesting. But sometimes no such campaign exists, and we more or less give it to a campaign that’s been very successful. Not that there’s anything wrong with this week’s pick, Jupiter Hell, it just doesn’t do much for me.

Jupiter Hell has exploded on Kickstarter, now raising over $30,000 as I write this. It’s a “modern turn based sci-fi roguelike,” modeled after just about any turn-based strategy game out there right now. The Kickstarter page is well laid out with plenty of information on the game and the developers, ChaosForge Ltd. This is one of those campaigns where you can feel comfortable knowing you’re going to get what you’re backing. Assuming the game does get made, of course.

But it’s reliability is its biggest flaw, in a way. There’s not much to write home about with regards to Jupiter Hell. As you’ll hear in the video, it doesn’t really do anything different, and it doesn’t look particularly exciting.

But Kickstarter users aren’t having any problem with that, as it’s reached almost half of its goal in a matter of days. That’s how it goes sometimes.

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