Space shooters are one of the oldest genres of video games. While games are more complex than ever, space shooters always relied on simpler, twitch-based gameplay. Hand Cannon Games hopes to release their own style of this game, Never Not Shooting, on Kickstarter.

Never Not Shooting is a cooperative multiplayer game with a focus on high score leaderboards. To be more specific, it’s a twin-stick shooter that allows you to modify your weapons. A spread shot can be condensed into a single, powerful beam of damage, for instance. The overall goal of the game is to prevent the enemy spaceships from destroying the core at the center stage. Simple stuff.

You can try out a demo for the game if you’re so inclined. Per the developers, the game is feature-complete and just needs some fine-tuning before release. They also need to pay out to various artists and musicians to help make the game look and sound prettier.

never not shooting

Demo Impressions

The gameplay itself seems okay. Nothing broke during my time with the demo, and while certain weapons feel infinitely stronger than others (seriously why you wouldn’t use the missiles, instead of the basic shot, when they do like quintuple the damage is beyond me) it’s fun enough to play. That said, there’s nothing here that really sets it apart from every other shooter on the market.

Despite its lack of presentation and okay gameplay, Kickstarter did mark this game as one of their “Projects We Love”, giving the campaign some props. It’s possible they saw something in the game I didn’t. I did play by myself, after all, so maybe the fun comes from the couch co-op?

Regardless, you can check out the game’s Kickstarter page if you’re interested. If you’ve got some friends, give the demo a whirl and let us know what you think in the comments.

David Lins
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David Lins