I’m a fan of weird adventure games. When I saw and played the first episode of The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle I had to back the sequel on Kickstarter. Seb Burnett is back, this time for an art book with illustrations based on his strange and macabre Victorian England setting. 100 Days of Mystery will contain a hundred images personally inked by Seb himself.

100 Days of Mystery

As the name implies, 100 Days of Mystery will have Seb drawing one illustration a day. For the first hundred days of 2017. Alongside these drawings, all inspired and based in the Bertram Fiddle universe, will also be roughly fifty short stories. Anyone who’s enjoyed the first game, and are excited for the second, should really check this one out. I currently have it starred, but $24 isn’t too bad for 150 pages of physical goodness.

100 Days of Mystery

If you’re like me, and backed the Kickstarter for the second game, Seb also announced in a backer-only update that anyone who pledged to that will get a PDF copy free of charge. Of course, if you want a physical copy you’ll have to pledge to this one, too. It’s certainly tempting to have in my collection, that’s for sure.

100 Days of Mystery

Seb Burnett is only asking for £4,000, mainly for printing costs, so I don’t see it not making funding. The artwork already shown, both in the pitch as well as what I’ve seen on Facebook, already looks great. There are only two pledge levels, one for the book and one to also get one of the original drawings. I do highly recommend at least looking at what could go into the finished product.

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