After an unnecessary holiday break, Kicked! is back, today taking a look at Sunless Sea.

Sunless Sea is a hidden Kickstarter gem. Not only is it a great game, but it’s one many don’t realize originates on the crowdfunding platform. It’s successful enough that developer Failbetter Games are currently developing a sequel in Sunless Skies, coming to Kickstarter next month. They’ve also been able to publish other games, such as the also successfully Kickstarted game, A House of Many Doors.

Unparalleled Accuracy

You can watch the video above to see what makes this Kickstarter campaign so special, but here’s a hint: unparalleled accuracy. The campaign page is written in such depth and clarity it feels like you’re playing the game just by reading it. It helps that Sunless Sea is heavily text-based.

I praised Shantae Half Genie Hero for having a Kickstarter campaign that most resembled the final game. There aren’t too many details on the Kickstarter page for WayForward cut or change though. In the case of Sunless Sea, Failbetter knew exactly what they wanted from the beginning, and were able to cultivate a pitch around those ideas. As a result, everything on the page is in the game, exactly as it’s described.

If Failbetter’s future campaign for Sunless Skies is anything like this one, they should have no problem securing funding.

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