With the dumpster fire that was 2016 now behind us, Azalyne Studios is hoping to start the new year off right. In addition to shiny new forums, fans can now download a “super special extended demo” of Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem. The catch? The demo is only available through a link on the Azalyne forums for a limited time.

Fans and backers will need to update their forum accounts. Azalyne’s old host shut down causing a measure of stress all around. The data and posts were (mostly) saved, but with users unable to post new content. Not the sort of problem an indie studio can easily overcome, but Azalyne’s made the most of a bad situation.

New forums have been created, but will require all users to re-register before they can begin posting. Alpha backers will still have their own forum and can contact the devs to regain access. This will allow them to check out the newest alpha update of Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem.

Seeing What All The Fuss Is About

The special demo is available to everyone and features everything in the alpha version up until the end of week five. This includes the updated content alpha backers have been whispering about in their special forum. The last part of week five has been omitted to prevent spoilers.

Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem extended demo will be removed once the game goes into early access. It’s encouraged to snag a download now if you are interested in trying your hand at political otome.

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