It was a bold move for Driven Arts. After failing to secure the $100,000 they sought in their initial Kickstarter campaign, they immediately tried again. A second campaign for their WW2 shooter, Days of War released the same day as the first was canceled. Surprisingly, the new campaign was seeking only $20,000 to develop an Early Access release.

Despite concerns over the lack of console support, the new project was quickly funded. Backers pledged $68,508 to develop the project and unlock the first three stretch goals. This was over $20,000 more than the first campaign had made before being canceled. Suddenly a project that was about to fail not only succeeded, but did so with a more focused goal and scope.

Days of War alpha screenshot

Now, only 10 months later, Driven Arts is ready to deliver on their promises. Days of War will be available on Steam Early Access beginning January 26th. Future development updates will be posted on Steam and the Driven Arts Forums/Website.

Shortly after release the developers are planning to add the British and Russian stretch goal factions, a map editor, and a host of additional features and fixes. This includes an optional stat tracking and progression system.

The Fight For Fans

Days of War received many comparisons to Bulkhead Interactive’s Battalion 1944 during its campaign. Both are Kickstarted WW2 shooters with 2017 release dates. With the future of a console port of Days of War still uncertain, Battalion seemed to have at least one clear advantage. With Bulkhead still in the planning stages of their Alpha testing however, shooter fans are likely to check out Days of War in the meantime.

The success of competitive games relies heavily on their communities. Early Access may ultimately provide the boost Days of War needs to come out on top.

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