Any Kickstarter campaign that has a demo from day one is worth a look. With slim pickings in the month of January, it should come as no surprise that Ayo the Clown easily takes the crown this week, with its pre-alpha demo and gorgeous art style.

For The Love of Clowns

Cloud M1, the developers behind Ayo the Clown, are running a great Kickstarter campaign. As well as the demo, there are plenty of screenshots and video, and a well-detailed page, breaking down every aspect of the 2D platformer.

Aside from the usual two-dimensional jumping and punching, Ayo also seems to be a Metroidvania, requiring you to unlock new powers and visit older levels with these new powers to unlock new areas. It’ll also be story-driven, complete with side quests, an unusual addition to the typical 2D platformer. Putting a bow on this package is the art style. Eschewing the now traditional pixel art, Cloud M1 has instead opted for a bright, cartoony art style that allows them to create some truly gorgeous scenes with their clown and circus aesthetic.

Along with the demo, there’s just about everything you need to form a decision on whether or not you’ll want to back it. Cloud M1 is seeking $30,000 dollars and have already raised over $4,000. They’re seeking to finish the game in December this year.

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