Even if you love strategy games to death, you probably hate waiting for your turn. Sure, you can watch the enemy’s moves and calculate a solid plan to counter, but sometimes you play with one of those guys that really mulls over their every decision. With that in mind, Joe Leonard started work on his newest game: Firmament Wars, now on Kickstarter.

firmament wars

Firmament Wars is a real-time strategy game centered around world domination. Basically, imagine Risk, with a dash of Civilization, and put it on a timeclock like Speed Chess. You choose a nation to start, customize your flag, and jump into your capital. Then, you expand, and start building up your nation.

The keyword here is “real-time”. There are no turns in Firmament Wars. Every action you take happens instantly, and the enemy can quickly respond in turn. The demonstration video (below) showcases just how quickly you can take over an entire continent if left unchecked.


If warfare isn’t your style, you can opt for cultural achievements that unlock “Great Persons”. Each one grants a unique buff for your nation. For example, the Great General will give all your armies a +1 bonus.

All of this runs on an online infrastructure akin to battle.net. You’ll be able to easily join games with friends, engage in party chat, etc. Nothing super special here, but an appreciated effort at least.

Firmament Wars is Joe Leonard’s second Kickstarter project. His first, Nevergrind, managed to hit its funding goal. You can learn more about Firmament Wars here.

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