When it comes to crowdfunding games, these days I get a bit more discerning with what I back. Pretty much gone are the days where you can easily get an idea funded without much to show for it. Kickstarter has reached a point where you really need to sell your product in order to get it funded. While I like the idea behind Deep World, there’s not enough there to go by.

Deep World

Based on what I know, which isn’t much, Deep World is an open world sandbox survival game. It has an interesting art ascetic, heavily influenced I’m sure by titles like Limbo. There’s something there about trying to scour an island for parts to fix your crashed helicopter but that’s about it. The video does show some gameplay but I had a hard time understanding the voiceover.

The text doesn’t do much to help get a better understanding of Deep World. It looks like a sidescrolling game, but it’s hard to tell how it plays beyond that. The story description is pretty anemic, especially for a game that presumably has a deep story for the genre. There is also no “about us” section telling potential backers who they’re giving their money to.

Deep World

I wouldn’t necessarily call Deep World a “scam project”, but it does come off as a bit lazy in trying to sell the idea. I wish there was a lot more to tell us what to expect, but it does look like an interesting concept. However, without a longer pitch or at least a couple more screenshots and maybe a video or two I’m going to have to pass on this one. I want to like it, but there’s not enough to show off at this stage.

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