I find strange pairings of strange creatures strangely fascinating. And nowhere is it more strange than playing as a slug who happens to have a wizard friend. While I’m not normally into platformers, The Wizard and the Slug is unique in how it plays. And I’m looking forward to seeing when it launches on Kickstarter on March 28th.

The Wizard and the Slug

From what I can tell, The Wizard and the Slug tells the story about a slug and wizard as they go on a journey to do…something. I’m honestly not sure what. However, what I like about it is the slug attacks enemies with parts of its body that it shoots off. And then grows back said body parts. A bit gross, but certainly a unique ability.

The Wizard and the Slug

There’s not a whole lot on the web site, but there is a trailer video and demo you can try out while you wait. The Wizard and the Slug promises interesting companions that fight alongside you. It also looks like it features interesting boss battles. And the wizard helps you along the way somehow. I think the demo should be worth a try, and come late next month we can see the campaign finally launch.


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