I find open world games to be strangely fascinating. You can do whatever you want, to whatever you want, as long as it’s in the game’s programming. I’ll admit to getting bored with this style of gameplay quickly. That doesn’t mean I won’t try it out, though. Isles of Terracel is one such game, and it looks like a good addition to any fan’s collection.

Isles of Terracel

Isles of Terracel is an open world fantasy themed survival RPG. You, and several friends or enemies, can build up a town or sack another. You can fight or be a merchant. Sling spells or wield a sword. It’s up to you. I like sandbox games for the sheer amount of things you can do. However, the more complex the game the more confusing it can get.

There’s not a whole lot in the pitch, but Isles of Terracel does look like a fun game. However, they do cover the important topics. Most notably what you can do, of course. The trailer video and screenshots also look good. Like some games in this genre, you’re also not limited to a specific class. Want to play a spell slinging barbarian that loves to farm? Go right ahead.

Isles of Terracel

Isles of Terracel might not be a game for everyone. I’m probably going to pass purely that I’ll probably lose interest after a while like I have with others in this genre. That said, it does look like a great game with some good concepts. I do hope they make funding, and I do hope they make good on their promises. Perhaps I’ll pick it up after it releases.

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