With some backers of the original Grisaia Trilogy still waiting for their physical copies, Frontwing has taken to Kickstarter for their own Grisaia project. The first two volumes of the visual novel series, Grisaia: Phantom Trigger are releasing worldwide on Steam, April 28, 2017. Their $80,000 Kickstarter goal will enhance the English version, offering more localized manga and physical goods.

“We want to make the full Phantom Trigger experience available for English-speaking fans around the world, and we’re relying on your help to be able to do so!” the campaign explains.

Sekai Project still holds the rights to the original trilogy. They are the studio responsible for the less than responsive initial campaign. With the new campaign, Frontwing has moved forward on their own while some of Sekai’s backers are still trying to claim their rewards. It’s a delicate situation that frankly doesn’t seem to be hurting the new campaign in the least.

Rewarding Backers By Getting Physical

With both game development and localization underway, the Kickstarter money will provide exclusive rewards for backers. Frontwing has said that they currently have no plans to offer Phantom Trigger goods outside of this campaign. Furthermore, all the items funding by the campaign will be exclusive to it.

The story is intended for all ages and does not feature any explicit sexual content, however some of the reward add-ons do swing towards the more suggestive. Add-ons will be available through Backerkit following the campaign.

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