Digital Sun Games posted a Kickstarter update letting backers know that the early beta of Moonlighter is coming soon. They also took the time to clarify that the beta version is different than the one being distributed to Youtubers.

Backers who pledged at the $25 and above tiers will be the only ones to get access to this exclusive reward. The early beta for Moonlighter will feature limited content with polished mechanics on PC. Backers will have access to a forum where they can make suggestions and offer feedback on this build. The developers haven’t set an official date yet, but estimate it will be within the next 1-2 months.

Following the early beta, the full version of Moonlighter will release near the end of the year. At this point backers will receive the game code for their selected platforms.

Getting The Word Out

Digital Sun explained that in order to drive early interest in the game, some Youtubers were given a build to play on their channels. However, the devs stressed that this was a different version than the beta which backers had earned. “This is not the beta of the game, it’s just the same build we showed at PAX East,” the updated explained.

The developers and their publisher, 11Bit Studios, hope this extra push will help more people discover Moonlighter before it’s eventual release.

Joanna Mueller

Joanna Mueller

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Joanna Mueller