If your game takes place in an epic fantasy world you need epic enemies to fill it. Especially if you have the creator of the Forgotten Realms fantasy world for Dungeons and Dragons writing your story. Penned by bestselling author, Ed Greenwood, Borealys Games’ newest project, Mages of Mystralia has blown past its Kickstarter goal. Now the developers have given an inside look at how they create the monstrous creatures filling the world of Mystralia.

The gameplay in Mages of Mystralia revolves around an innovative new approach to spellcrafting. Players start with a spell book and four basic spell types. These basic spells are modified with different runes to create devastating attacks. The ability to add and combine four spell types, four elements, and eighteen runes on your spellcrafting grid, lets players customize spells to their hearts content.


Such awesome power clearly needs equally impressive enemies to unleash it on. Borealys Games posted a Kickstarter update showcasing the creation of the Goblin Boar Rider from concept to character. It’s a great peek behind the curtain on what is shaping up to be an excellent game.

Character Creation Is Never “Boaring”

The update begins with silhouette concept drawings. These outline the general shape and “personality” of the character. Once they’ve established a baseline the concept drawings are expanded to explore more of the character’s unique features and details. Ultimately, the game designers will settle on a preferred model to use as the official reference image for the character.

The next step is to create a rough 3D draft of the model to determine the characters’ relative mass and main features. After that, the 2D artists and 3D modelers work together to make sure the characters important features and in-game interactive requirements make it into the final model. It’s worth checking out the update for all of the in-progress photos the team shows off for each step.

The Mages of Mystralia Kickstarter campaign is already over 400% funded and backers will receive access to the beta build shortly after its conclusion. Borealys Games is looking towards a full release on Steam, XB1, and PS4 as early as Q2 2017.

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