There is an undeniable joy to playing through an action adventure RPG. Having amazing experiences and epic encounters is a large part of why people love games. At least until math comes along and ruins everything. Let’s face it, one of the most immersion breaking aspects of RPG’s is the quest to create overpowered characters and gear. This reliance on perks, upgrades, and levels takes players right out of the game. Sadly it is often essential to successfully completing the story. Revelation Games has decided to take a new approach with their medieval third-person adventure, Rise of the King.

The Kickstarter campaign is asking for $160,000 and surprisingly, it looks like it’s worth every penny. The developers want to create a more dynamic and immersive story-driven experience than what players normally get. Through a focus on survival, action, and investigation, players take part in a compelling interactive story, without the need for spreadsheets.

Rise of the King strives for a more realistic medieval fantasy setting. Rather than orcs, elves, and magic the player must face off against hunger, wildlife, and hostile enemy factions. The campaign page describes it as a mix of The Long Dark and Sherlock Holmes with a hint of Dark Souls style combat. Add some gorgeous Elder Scrolls looking graphics and it’s easy to see why the project is quickly gaining support.

Breaking Free Of The Grind

Combat presents the greatest deviation from RPG conventions. Gone are health potions, power-ups, and special abilities. Instead players have to rely on skill and cunning to survive. Knowing when to strike, dodge, and counter is just as essential to surviving the fight as carefully monitoring your stamina. It’s brutally difficult to master, which just makes it more meaningful and rewarding to the story.

Ah yes, the story. Rise of the King takes us inside the adventure of expert tracker and forester, Greyson Wallace. Tasked with keeping watch over the estate of Lord William of Winterlight, Greyson’s world is disrupted by the sudden disappearance of his lord’s son. With the land in turmoil following the death of the king, Greyson must investigate the boy’s disappearance and track his whereabouts.

Handy dandy notebook.

Haunted by the vast, cold wilderness and his own memories of the past, Greyson has only his journal to guide him. There is no quest log or mini-map to keep players on track. Rise of the King promises to be a gloriously difficult PC title by it’s Q4 2018 release date. In the meantime you can track its progress on Kickstarter and learn more on its Steam Greenlight page.

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