When BillyGoat Entertainment Kickstarted their shamelessly British point and click adventure game, Her Majesty’s SPIFFING, they already had plans to make it episodic. Clearly, it would take several games to do justice to their burly protagonist, Captain Frank Lee English. They used the campaign to fund development for the first episode of Her Majesty’s SPIFFING, The Empire Staggers Back. With lackluster sales threatening the future of HMS, the team has decided to expand their reach.

The game released on PC and Xbox One on December 7th. The PS4 launch quickly following on December 13th 2016. Despite receiving favorable reviews, the devs reported that releasing during the busy holiday season didn’t help bolster sales. They also experienced issues with the PS4 launch in Europe and trouble with key distributed through GoG. Ultimately, GoG removed the title from their platform, further hindering sales.

“The fate of our plan very much depends on how the game preforms commercially. At the moment things are still uncertain, the game has preformed well on Xbox but, if we’re being honest, not as well as we would have liked on PS4 or Steam.”

Her Majesty's SPIFFING

In an effort to turn things around, the developers have recently announced that Her Majesty’s SPIFFING is now available for mobile devices. The new mobile port is available for $3.99 on the Google Play and iTunes stores, a substantial discount over the $11.99 Steam price.

Short, Sweet (And Portable)

Considering the few complaints the game did receive were focused on its short playtime, this shift to a cheaper mobile version could be just the kick BillyGoat needs to help fund the second episode.

With the majority of backers pleased with the first episode, hopes are high that the adventure won’t end here. Maybe if mobile sales take off the next dev update will be news about the impeding development of episode 2 of Her Majesty’s SPIFFING.

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