After being Kickstarted back in 2015, developer Nathanael Weiss is nearly ready to release his procedurally generated, Zelda-like action-adventure RPG, Songbringer. Funded for $15,063, the game was selected as one of the 12 participants in the Indie Mega Booth for E3 2017. Here’s what you need to know about Songbringer before it’s multi-platform launch this summer.

Operating under the name, Wizard Fu Games, Weiss was a one man team throughout the majority of development for Songbringer. The game gives players access to over 300 million possible worlds, each stuffed to the brim with demons, androids, and other creatures ripe for vanquishing.

Unique 6-letter seed codes determined the generation of each planet, overworld, and dungeon in a given world. Players can enter a unique seed and have a new world procedurally generated for their amusement. Re-entering a seed code will always generate the same world, so you can share your favorite adventures with friends.

More Worlds Means More Platforms

Earlier this year, Weiss announced that he had teamed up with Double Eleven to help get Songbringer ready to release on PS4 and XboxOne. This partnership will allow the game to release simultaneously across platforms at launch.

“I took a look at how much work it would be to port Songbringer to consoles. Because both PS4 and Xbox One have different hardware, APIs, rules, stores, approval processes, and more, it basically would take someone at least six months of dedicated work per platform, and that is being optimistic. It simply is not feasible for a one-man team to simultaneously launch Steam alongside consoles,” Weiss explained.

As part of their collaboration, Double Eleven has also helped with PR and marketing of the game. This extra push helped Songbringer snag a coveted spot at E3’s Indie Mega Booth.

“Basically, I’m a really lucky developer! Bringing a game like this to consoles is no easy task. I’m glad Double Eleven chose Songbringer. I can focus entirely on making it the dopest game I can possibly create.”

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