Hello Cliqist readers,

My name is Vijay Kumar, and my team and I have been hard at work creating a next generation platformer shooter. The game we’re making is deeply inspired by the Mega Man X series from the gameplay design to the visual aesthetic, but we’re planning on adding an assortment of features that takes the core experience to new heights. From customization options, to VR support, we’re fleshing out the gameplay in ways that add new and interesting flavors to the genre.

The game is called Android Hunter A. It’s a hardcore side-scroller shooter reminiscent of the classics which features 14 stages, armor & ability upgrades, customization options, cinematic storytelling, VR support and more. The game is being developed with the power of the Unreal Engine 4, allowing us to fully emphasize the visual aesthetic and gameplay design.

Android Hunter A

Evolution and Improvements

We recently launched a Kickstarter campaign which received a significant amount of mixed responses, but with a hopeful and excited majority. We showcased early prototype gameplay footage in the trailer which I believe affected the reaction we received, but I feel that most understand that this project is a work in progress. The purpose of our Kickstarter campaign is to enable every member of the team to work on the project full time and streamline the game’s development. We’re already restructuring our entire gameplay system to rectify all of the bugs with the current prototype. Things like proper physics, collision, animations and other things will improve significantly by doing this.

We’re still quite early in development so the game has time to evolve through some dramatic changes. We’ll continue to release updates to our alpha build(s) as we progress, and improve with fan feedback. We’ve learned a great deal throughout this entire process and recognize the magnitude of what we’ve begun.

Thank you to everyone who’s been supporting us so far, it means everything to us.


Vijay Kumar