Apparently, somewhere in the world exists a unique subculture of Hula Hoop fanatics just waiting for their hobby to go mainstream. These “Hoopers” are a force to be reckoned with once they take to the streets and master their craft. At least, that’s what the Kickstarter campaign for Circular Flow would like us to believe.

The project is an open world adventure game for Hula Hoopers. Players participate in various gigs, events, and missions alone or together in multiplayer. After earning money from quests, players can purchase even fancier hoops as well as stylish clothes and accessories. Clearly the ultimate mark of hoop couture.

But not shoes.

Think of it like a Tony Hawk game, but without celebrity endorsements and the skateboards are Hula Hoops. Also everyone has a dead look in their eyes as they hold their hoops aloft in offering.

Hip With The Youngsters

Circular Flow developer, Nathan Segally wrote that he created the game because he wanted it to have a “profoundly positive effect on people’s health worldwide.” He had noticed that many young people spend a great deal of time playing video games even though hooping is clearly a more healthy alternative.

Based on this he determined that the best course of action to encourage people to lead an active lifestyle was to make a video game about hula hooping. Presumably there is a second, unmentioned step of this plan, that leads all of his digital hula hoop converts out to spread their hoop message in the real world, since pushing X to twirl doesn’t really seem to solve his main concern.

Concerns like, what’s the best way to store all those hoops?

It is unlikely that Hoop fans will discover what this missing step was. Currently, Circular Flow is still well below its $2,017 funding goal. Perhaps someday the world will be ready for hula hoop based gameplay, but it seems like today is not that day.

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