Earthborn Interactive offers a new take on both their original concept and airborne combat with the twin-stick shooter build of Flutter Bombs.

In a gameplay trailer posted to YouTube on January 2, the developers show off a new concept build of their game in action. Selecting from a roster of ten different options, players choose a butterfly to fight their way through waves of laser blasting enemy insects with. Each butterfly has their own name, weapon types and stats, from one named Neutron with a slow precision bomb to another named Tomahawk with split bomb attacks. Each butterfly can gain powers and different blast attacks by grabbing power ups littered throughout the environment, from a rapid fire dual blaster to protective barriers.

Enemies boast similar variety in their appearance and attack type, from speedy beetles to slow and tanky tarantulas. Smaller enemies tend to fly toward the player and pepper them with rapid fire blasts, with the larger variety remaining on the ground and firing anti-air blasts which deal massive damage.

Fierce and Fiery Fluttering Action

The build is a departure from the game’s original premise of a single player adventure experience, but still fits the art style well. The procedurally generated maps are lush with greenery and stone structures litter the sides, giving the appearance of a spring garden. Likewise, the hail of light rays and energy blasts are rich in color, making for a pleasing view as the chaotic battles unfold.

Though the new build is a pretty radical change from the original premise, the developers seem to have a much firmer grasp on the concept. While there’s no official release date for Flutter Bombs as of yet, this latest trailer shows there’s plenty of promise in what Earthborn is cooking up. Those interested can view the trailer down below, and for those who want a similarly wacky premise involving laser-armed animals, check out Ace of Seafood.

Keenan McCall

Keenan McCall

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Keenan McCall