The 3D puzzle adventure game Broken Reality successfully met its funding goal on Kickstarter a little under two days from the end of its campaign.

In an update posted to the game’s campaign page January 3, the game’s developers Dynamic Media Triad announced that the title had been successfully funded.

“It’s tough to find the appropriate words to describe how we’re feeling, but it’s a fuzzy mixture of grateful, lucky and excited!” Triad writes. “We seriously love you all who shared, pledged, talked and played the game! YOU made this possible! From the bottom of our hearts: Thank you!”

The team went on to say that as a result of the successful funding, they’ll return to developing the game full time in the near future. Likewise, additional funds raised in the remainder of the campaign will be used for different areas of development.

Round Two Success

“First, exceeding funds will be used to compensate musicians that have believed in this project from the beggining, and will continue to work with us,” Triad writes.
“If there any extra resources, we would expand our art department.”

Currently available on Steam as a demo, Broken Reality places players in a world where all online services are controlled by a super corporation known as NATEM. To better allow users to integrate into the online world, NATEM creates an interface which allows users to interact with websites as if they were physical spaces. As someone invited into this new peripheral, players can explore the web and interact with different websites, solving puzzles and overcoming challenges to explore more of the zany world.

At this time, Broken Reality has received a last minute funding bump and sits at $13,484 raised toward its goal of $12,500. The game’s funding campaign ends January 5 at 8:45 a.m. MST.

For those who want to see a build of the game in action, a demo is available on Steam. For our past thoughts on the game, check out this piece on the game’s earlier Kickstarter attempt.

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