Being a website, Cliqist doesn’t need sleep – but if it did, it would have nightmares of you running out of stuff to play. Since Jay started highlighting some of the best short indies around in her Weekindies section, it seemed right to do an early week round-up too. I considered ripping of Jay’s title, but Mondindies is a terrible name, and by the time you read this, it’ll probably be Tuesday anyway. Company policy states quite clearly to blame Josh in these situations, but I’m placing the responsibility squarely on the time altering dance of the heavenly bodies. And also Josh. Here’s 3 free indies to start your week right, you troupe of poorly trained juggling bears, you.

Free Indie Games

Pink Marmalade

Look, I know the point of this whole games writing thing is that we use our experience to provide information to the reader, but please believe me when I say that ARE NO WORDS FOR THIS ILLUSTRIOUS TOUR DE FORCE. It’s a twin-stick shooter, it’s frenetic, and it’s very, very pink. Also it has ponies. Play it here.

Free Indie Games

The World Begins With You

You wake in an underground cell. A strange piece of alien tech protrudes from your shaved head, its blue glow matching the unknown language that covers the walls. The camera rushes from one gorgeous, fixed-angle scene to the next, disorientating and urgent. When you step outside, sun leaks from a sky like cracked blinds, illuminating arrid earth and ancient stone. Anything this immediately reminiscent of a Team Ico game has my undivided attention from the get go. Play it here.

Free Indie Games

Pillow of Stone

The creator describes Pillow of Stone as “an experiential music medley game about a man who escapes prison to give his daughter a teddy bear.” The game features a carefully curated playlist to match the tone and themes it explores. It’s always cool to see projects using music in new and creative ways, and Pillow of Stone is a great example of something unique. Play it here.

Go play all of them, you’ve got nothing better to do on this (insert time of week) (insert time of day).

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