Beyond R’proach is a game about pushing aside plants.

beyond r'proach

As you explore this strange, colourful landscape, you will automatically sweep aside the leaves that block your path. It’s a gentle, repetitive, and soothing motion that accompanies your casual walk.

After a minute or two, something new will pop into frame – a rectangular portal that shows the way into another area. A very similar area, but in different colours. And when you step through, another layer will be added to the game’s music.

This gives each new area its own ambiance. The first place I transferred into was more blue, and added a light melody over the initial background drone. Even though both variations had the same bubbles coming from the ground and the same plant life, this second area was subtly different enough to feel like a water level.

Moving between areas doesn’t do much besides adding to the music and, strangely, changing what your hands look like, but it’s a nice place to spend a few minutes meandering between different colour palettes and watching the plants part as you carefully brush them away.

Beyond R’proach is available to download for pay what you want on

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