The Wild Eight made its way to Kickstarter on April 5, 2016 with developer 8 Points. Today, the game has been stuck on Steam Early Access for over a year with a different developer. Meanwhile its original creator has a new name and a new game of their own. What happened?

It’s Gonna Get Wild

The Wild Eight is a survival game set in the frozen winter wonderland of Northern Russia. Its premise isn’t too dissimilar from The Long Dark. The big difference is that you have a group of eight to keep alive rather than just yourself, and the game is in third person rather than first. Originally, the game would have taken advantage of this group dynamic by having some characters hate each other, and forcing you to rely on them to survive. There would even be a traitor amongst your ranks, with ambiguous motives in mind.

How much of that will come to pass now is a mystery, as the game now features a different developer. Gone is the game’s creator 8 Points, and in comes its one time publisher, HypeTrain Digital.

There’s a lot to unpack here – where HypeTrain Digital came from, why the bought the rights to the game and why 8 Points sold it to begin with. For more info on that, what 8 Points is up to these days, and the direction of The Wild Eight from here, check out our video above. If you enjoy the video, why not check out Cliqist’s YouTube channel for more just like it?

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Josh Griffiths

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