Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn was successfully crowdfunded on Indiegogo in May 2014, raising over four hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Thing is though, the campaign went silent not long after that. In July 2016 I did a video on Shaq Fu detailing why the campaign was funded, and more importantly, how creator Big Deez Productions and public face Oliver Hollis-Leick went silent for so long and wondering who this guy even was to begin with.

Where’s the Beef?

Since our initial video, there have been only two additional updates on the Indiegogo page – one being a completely useless thing saying “hey, don’t worry we’re still working on the game!” thing. As I’ve said before, those kinds of updates are better than no updates at all, but after then two years of silence, backers needed more than that. There was another update in December 2016 with more information, including some screenshots, but even this wasn’t much.

And that was it for over a year. That December 2016 update was the last time anyone heard from the game or its creator… until now. Out of absolutely nowhere, on February 1 (we’re timely like that), the PlayStation YouTube channel debuted a new trailer for the game. The video has a whopping one minute of footage and only twenty seconds of that is actual gameplay with the rest being splash screens and footage of the original Shaq Fu, but it is still more than we’ve seen of the game… ever.

For more on Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn‘s possible resurgence, check out our video above. You can also subscribe to Cliqist’s YouTube channel for more videos just like this one.

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