Exit84 is a typing-platformer.

Those aren’t necessarily genres that are usually mashed together, but somehow, it actually works. Filling out the letters on the screen and hitting enter will transport you to where those letters are, and create a new set of letters. Through careful – and usually very fast – typing, you can progress to the next screen.


Get Moving

There’s a lot of clever tricks built using this mechanic. Maybe you put in the letters but wait for the perfect moment to hit enter. Maybe you start the level falling into spikes, so you have to be ready to go immediately. The game also promises a future level editor so you can invent your own challenges.

And it’s not just the mechanics that are charming; the opening sees the King call your character to see him and in your rush you trip and fall. It’s a tiny animation but it’s so cute and that kind of attention to detail can be seen throughout.

exit84Now, it’s hard. Not only do you have to be a good typist (I am) but you have to be good at the timing quirks of platformers (I’m really not). But the letters don’t change, so you can practice the rhythm and precision until you’re finally hammering out that sweet “exit” that will whisk you to the next level.

Exit84 is available to download for pay what you want on itch.io.

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