The tide brings ill fortune and the promise of strategic action adventure in Sea Salt, a new Lovecraft-inspired Kickstarter title.

Wrath of the Old Gods

The game’s premise is simple. After the rise of a new religion, the old god Dagon seeks to eliminate his competitor and exact vengeance on his former followers. Commanding a force of hive-minded monsters and brainwashed followers, he’ll sweep across the land and unleash untold horrors. His goal is to find and devour the heretic bishop and his flock of worshipers.

It’s a nice twist on the usual “survive the onslaught of eldritch horror” framework, but also one that is true to its roots and inspirations. The game’s developer duo YCJY note the influence of recent Lovecraft-inspired works like Bloodborne as big influences to the design of their title. These influences manifest in the game’s art and level design, which depict a bleak and macabre world through the lens of 32-bit graphics.

Set Forth the Swarms of War

Likewise, the gameplay suits the premise nicely. Taking command of an array of different units, players can choose how they’ll unleash indescribable terror upon a mix of townsfolk, guardsmen, and churchgoers. One section might feature adversaries that are susceptible to a wave of flesh eating swarms. At the next, players may have to tap into cultists and their long range eldritch magic to overcome enemy defenses. Players can unlock more units as the game progresses as well. This rewards creative play by offering a variety of different solutions for each level.

Sea Salt’s campaign is set to run until April 16. For more on the game, check out the playable alpha demo currently available on Gamejolt and The game also has a new trailer, which you can check out below.

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