Remember text adventures? How you’d start at a cave and after a block of text describing where you were you’d think “I’ll go north” only to get eaten by a grue? Do you wish they were simpler? If the answer to all three is “Yes” then do I have the thing for you!¬†Harm Other is a text adventure crowdfuning on Kickstarter¬†that has all the charm of text adventures, but with simplicity and uncertainty!

Harm Other is a text adventure that’s going to be divided in five different parts. Like in the text adventures of yore you find yourself in situations that you’ll have to solve. And you have two options, because in the end life comes down to these two options. You can harm, or you can other.

Simple as that. In Harm Other it all comes down to harming or othering.

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The thing is, you don’t know what outcome your choices will have until you take them. And they might lead to hilarious consequences, and major branching paths that will change the game. If you want to know how it’d play then there’s a demo that covers more or less a quarter of Harm Other‘s first chapter. And it will have five chapters.

Harm Other is the brainchild of SomethingAwful contributor Dennis Farrell. He’s hoping to develop a full game from the demo and he’s not asking for much. Only a bit over a thousand dollars, at least for the base game.

There are stretch goals as well. They would cover ports to Mac, Android and iOS and an additional branching point in each chapter. The reward tiers offer you great things like a papercraft of a foldable sheet of paper. And you could get two of those! Madness!!

So, taking a page from Harm Other there are two choices here. You can harm your wallet and give some money to this Kickstarter or you can choose other and visit it to see it for yourself.

The choice is yours though.

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