After the first attempt on Fig wasn’t fruitful Swery announced that The Good Life would still happen and that the game would seek funding on Kickstarter, although asking for a more reasonable amount of money.

And now the wait is over, and The Good Life is on Kickstarter seeking funding, and it looks like this time it might have an actual chance.

What’s so good about The Good Life?

At its core The Good Life remains the same game it was when it seeked funding on Fig. It’s still a collaboration between SWERY’s White Owls studio and Yukio Futatsugi’s studio G-rounding. InĀ The Good Life we play as Naomi, an American photographer who moves to the happiest town in the world, Rainy Woods in England. That move is prompted because of a debt she has to pay, so she’s there to photograph things and earn enough money to settle said debt.

But there’s a lot of weird things in this charming English town. For example, Naomi stumbles upon the corpse of a murder victim and she’ll have to solve the crime. But that’s not all! Because for some reason once a month everyone in the town turns into a cat or a dog.

The game will give us a wide berth when it comes to exploring, with our choices shaping the story and also how the townspeople react to Naomi. Possibly that will lead to some decisions influencing the town as well. We also have to take care of Naomi and her needs, and also invest money in improving her equipment and similar stuff.

And the cat/dog change is important as well. Because when that change happens then Naomi will be able to do things she couldn’t do as a plain human.

What’s Changed?

The main mistake made when The Good Life was on Fig was the amount of money they asked for. True, it also took them forever to announced dogs would be in the game (they’re good dogs, Brent). But the main issue was the money.

On that first attempt the base goal was 1.5 million dollars, and the game fell short. It raised only approximately 700 hundred thousand. This time they’re asking for a smaller amount, while Kickstarter shows the goal in Yen converting the amount gives roughtly something over 600 thousand dollars.

The campaign has a useful chart detailing the reward tiers and such things. The basics are that if you want the game for PC that’d be 29 dollars and 39 for PS4. And there’s also that new useful Kickstarter feature that automatically converts currency for you!

They’ve raised a quarter of that amount so far, and with more than a month to go things are looking up this time. So be sure to head to Kickstarter and take a look. Because to be fair The Good Life looks good!

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