Elizabethan astronomer and doctor Simon Forman operated in the late 1500s, healing patients and giving them advice based on the position of the stars. Now, developers at Nyamyam are turning his real case books into a game with Astrologaster.


Equally real characters, from barmaids to Baronesses, will approach Forman for his help, and the player will read astrological charts with several possible interpretations. Forman must use these to balance his clients’ feelings – the demo promised that his relationships can wax and wane throughout the game depending upon his readings. Will you give them the prediction they don’t want to hear, but that’s more likely to come true? Or should you placate then with niceties?


Star-studded storybook

Using these mechanics, the game makes both the history and astrology accessible, as well as using it as a springboard into some well-written and funny fiction. It’s packaged like a story too, using similar popup book art to Nyamyam’s previous game, Tengami. Flipping pages to find out what happens next and watching the figures unfold is always satisfying.

Astrologaster is aiming for release on PC, Mac, and iOS in late 2018.

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