Homo Machina is the upcoming game from the developers at Darjeeling, based on the works of the pioneering science writer Dr. Fritz Kahn.

In the 1920s, Dr. Kahn released five volumes of anatomical illustration that imagined the human body as a vast, interlocking series of mechanical marvels. Now, this game reimagines them as interactive versions.

homo machina

A Living Machine

Players must guide the body through the day, exploring each area of the anatomy in turn. The demo began with the early morning; the person waking up, opening their eyes, and so forth. Each little “room” has its own interactions, like pulling open the “shutter” of the eyelid, and gentle puzzles to encourage exploration of the inner workings of the organs and systems.

The game faithfully recreates the artistic style of Dr. Kahn’s magnum opus, and each area is meticulously detailed with tiny workers going about their individual actions and reacting to the player’s input.

In his time, Kahn was famed for attempting to make his science accessible to all, and the developers at Darjeeling hope to continue that legacy by appealing to children when the game launches this spring.

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