First thing’s first. If you haven’t played Dead Cells yet, go play it. The Metroidvania platformer is one of the best indie games out on the market right now.

The good news is that you can find it on almost any platform. PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch? Check, check, check and check. Once you have been blown away by the surprisingly rich visuals and the almost impossible to beat horde of enemies, take a minute.

Sit back and really listen to the original soundtrack that is playing in the background. Not only should Dead Cells make many a list for one of the best games of the year, but it will also rank right up there as one of the best OSTs of 2018.

When looking to pick out the five best songs from the soundtrack, it’s not about finding five good songs. It’s about nailing down which five stand out from an impressive crowd. It’s a bit of Sophie’s choice but below you can check out the final list.

Black Bridge

One of the things that makes the Dead Cells soundtrack so great is there are several songs that you might expect to find in a movie soundtrack. Black Bridge fits that bill. It’s a heavy hitter with strong horns and a great drum beat. This is a song that can get you up and moving if you’re listening to it away from the game.

Old Sewers

The background song in a game should always work to paint the picture and set the mood. Old Sewers does that and then some. The song starts off with a kind of wheezing in and out that could very well be some sort of creature lurking around the next corner. There is also a nice composure that sounds very much like water dripping. Then the ominous main theme kicks in and you’re hooked.

Prisoner’s Awakening

Prisoner’s Awakening is … spoiler alert … the song at the beginning of the game. It helps you get started on your quest and it does an exceptional job of doing it.

Should you listen to the song away from the game, visions of the character running, fighting and dashing throughout the landscape will surely pop up in your head. It’s fast-paced and melodic and everything you want to kick off a fantastic game.

The Village

Speaking of songs that sound like they belong in movie soundtracks … The Village has a depth and a presence you just aren’t going to find in a ton of video game tracks. This is another one that sets the scene in your head if you’re listening to AFK. The big drums, along with the heart-rending violin make this one of those songs that plays on repeat for weeks.

Prison Theme

Saving the best for last, Prison Theme wraps up the best songs on the Dead Cells original soundtrack. Another one that sets the mood beautifully for the landscape your character is about to traverse. It opens with something that almost seems like a Gregorian Monk chant and then goes directly into drums and strings. It has a little bit of a Black Bridge feel to it but is just different enough to stand out.

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