Love animals, anime and ninjas? Ninjin – Clash of Carrots may be the game for you. Ninjin – Clash of Carrots is a colorful game with a cute anime look. It was put out by Pocket Trap and published by Modus and is available on Steam, Xbox One, Switch and on the PS4. Be sure to check out the trailer for the game. The PS4 version is the one played here.

When the title screen appears you meet Ninjin the Ninja Rabbit and Akai the Kunai Knife wielding fox. You have the choice between the two characters or if you are playing 2 player online or local you get to fight over who you want to be. Ninjin – Clash of Carrots is a family friendly game so it’s a good one to let the kids play.

Ninjin - Clash of Carrots characters

Ninjin and Akai are from Usagi Village in Feudal Japan. In case you didn’t know Usagi means rabbit in Japanese, so it makes sense most of the residents are rabbits. They are all chill when all of a sudden a crazy bad guy comes crashing into the village in a flying machine. You know he is trouble when you see his eye patch with a skull and crossbones on it.  He commands his minions to steal any and all carrots that they can find in the village. This upsets our hero and everyone living in Usagi Village. Ninjin decides, or rather is told, that he is going to get all the carrots back.

Ninjin – Clash of Carrots is all about running. This is an endless runner game; so you are constantly doing the ninja run and attacking all the minions you come across.  Enemies come at you in seamlessly never ending waves. Each wave increasing in difficulty. Instead of having just basic minions to defeat; minions with bombs or armor will show up. Ninjin and Akai both have normal and dash attacks to use against all these waves. Using the projectiles that you have will help a lot in situations where an enemy is wearing armor or is explosive if you get to close to them. Once you get through 7 waves of bad guys there is a level boss to contend with.

Ninjin - Clash of Carrots wave enemy

When you defeat the boss you will get a ranking on your results from playing through the level. It shows the time taken, how many carrots you collected, the highest combo, damage taken, sword hit accuracy and projectile accuracy. You will then get an overall grade on your performance.

Ninjin - Clash of Carrots - level stats

When you beat a level you are taken to an overall world map. If you want to go back and try to get a higher score or you just want to be able to replay a level you can. This really reminds me of what you would see in Super Mario World. The level naming is also similar with world 1-1, 1-2 and so on. Once you beat level 1-3 a corgi dog that you save from an outhouse will open a store for you to purchase new items, clothing, weapons and projectiles at. Instead of money the corgi accepts carrots as payment, so all the vegetables you collected in the levels can help customize your furry ninja. If you find yourself a bit short on carrots you can go back an replay any of the levels to collect more.

Ninjin - Clash of Carrots - store

Someone has Daddy Issues in Ninjin – Clash of Carrots

As you progress you learn that the eye patch wearing bad guy is just trying to impress his dad. Even his eye patch is a fake because he wants to look tough to seem intimidating. It’s clearly the minions fault that they are useless and that Ninjin is able to defeat all of them. So he needs to up his game to be able to impress his bad guy dad.

Ninjin - Clash of Carrots - bad guy

Become the Best Ninja In the World

Once you feel like you have mastered the main game in Ninjin – Clash of the Carrots there is more. If you have PS Plus, your ninja can join the Oni TV Show. This is a high score challenge where you fight nonstop waves of minions to get the highest score possible. Try to become one of the best rabbit or fox ninjas in the world! There is a demo of the game available on the consoles or online so you have to give it a try!

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